Episode 3: Advertise Used Cars on Google for FREE

Increase your sales and get more exposure!

Would you be excited if I told you can advertise your cars via Google, and it won’t cost you more than a couple of clicks and a few minutes?

Why use Google Product List?

First off, let’s bore you with some numbers about Google so you understand why using it to advertise your cars can be a good idea.

  • Google is a search engine but also the most visited website ever. It has been visited 62.19 billion times in 2019 and accounts for 92.18% of the search engine market currently.
  • Google and Amazon have been competing for being the number one website for product searches since 2015. Because you can’t sell your cars on Amazon, taking advantage of Google’s popularity and how much people trust it when it comes to finding things to buy is a reason itself for you to start spending some time listing your cars on the website.
  • When someone searches for a specific type of car, Google will see that you’ve got products listed on your Google page and if it’s a match to what the customer is searching for, it’ll be displayed. This doesn’t just increase the dealer’s brand awareness but also gives an opportunity for the customer to make an inquiry or a sale.

There are many benefits of adding your used cars to your Google page as listed products. It’s not only handy to promote your cars on a trusted, internationally recognised website but it can also help driving traffic to your website and improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

In the last episode, we covered  how to register your business on Google first, so now we’ll walk you through the process of registering your stock on their products page. If your business is already set up on Google.

Step 1:
Once you’ve logged into Google, go on https://business.google.com/locations and select your dealership from the list.

Click on Products on the left hand menu then click Get Started.

Step 2:
Upload an image of your car, then fill out the details. When you chose the name, you need to think what people will be searching for – make sure you include the make and the most important details in your product name field. You can also create categories as well, which should make it easy for you to manage products in the future, when you’ve got numerous cars posted.

Step 3:
When it comes to price, you can set a fixed price or a price range – select the one that suits you the best but note that customers like to have a solid idea of how much the car is.

When it comes to the description, just put everything you normally would on an ad – important details, most common answers to questions people always ask you etc.

You should add a Call to Action button to prompt your audience to engage. The best bet is to chose “Learn more” so people can get in touch with you and you can close the sale. ? This is skippable though, if you don’t have a website to direct your customers to – they can always call you as Google will show them your number.

Step 4:

Click Save – your car will now appear linked to your business on Google! You can later delete this, or update the details by clicking on Products on the page we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial. 

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